Driver Medical Registration Licenses

States are in the process of registering driver medical certifications for CDL drivers. Make sure your drivers are aware of the change and ready to respond within the required time.

Ultimately, medical cards will not need to be carried (but I still would). The concept is that the information will be available for electronic retrieval by roadside enforcement officers just as the driver's license is now.

Make sure your driver's addresses are up to date. Most mail from transportation departments are not forwarded.

Make sure your driver's respond. Five states, including Pennsylvania, put delinquent drivers back to "four wheeler" status if they miss their deadline. These states require retesting-both written and road.

Make sure they keep up. Once they go through the initial certification, they must provide proof of a new exam before the expiration of the prior one. Again, failure to do so could jeopardize their CDL status.

At present, Pennsylvania does not have a form for submission of medical certificates after the driver's initial certification. Make sure your driver faxes the new certification with their name and information clearly identified on the fax cover sheet.