MIA Safety can run motor vehicle records (MVRs) for all 50 states as well as Canadian provinces.  Included with the MVR we can provide a CDLIS, SSN check and DAC transportation history.  Most state MVRs have a turnaround time of less than an hour.  MIA can review your MVRs and advise as to whether they meet your insurance criteria as well as alert you to any habitual behavior, i.e. frequent speeding tickets, license suspensions ,etc.   We will make sure they possess one valid CDL with the proper class and any required endorsements.  We can run MVRs for annual reviews and probations as well.

We highly suggest that all clients also pull a new hire’s CSA score.  This can be done through the FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP).  The PSP lists all DOT roadside inspections for the past 3 years as well as accident data for the previous 5 years.  If you do not currently have a PSP account we can help with set-up or we can run them through our account.  In addition we can score the PSPs so that you can see where they would rank in your fleet.  If your company has a set cutoff for PSP scores we will let you know if they exceed that threshold.